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Competitive Baton Twirling

Once athletes have obtained an “A” Grade in their Pre-Competitive Events they are ready to move onto the competitive level of our sport. This class includes instruction, training and choreography in the following individual events: Solo, Medley, Solo Dance Twirl and 2-Baton. Emphasis is placed on solid twirling skills. We highly recommend students take a separate Dance Class and become a member of a Competitive Dance Twirl Team.

SOLO/DUET/2-BATON/3-BATON CLASSES (Class Time: 3/4 hr)
Solo is a stationary twirling event where the athlete demonstrates aerials, rolls, and contact material. Duet Twirl is very similar to the Solo Event, however, it involves two twirlers exchanging batons with one another and interacting with each other in a unified fashion. 2-Baton is the continuous and simultaneous manipulation of two batons. 3-Baton involves the manipulation of 3-Batons at once. Different forms of juggling skills must be mastered in this event. All of these events are combined into one class, however, students may choose to compete in as many or as few events as they like.

Medley demonstrates progression of body and baton movement meeting the requirements of three separate sections with musicality. Solo Dance Twirl combines baton and body movement, correlating to the musical phrases, tempos and rhythm of the music. Students may choose to do one or both of the events during this class time. A supplementary dance class is strongly recommended for athletes competing in either of these events.

If you are competing in freestyle or plan to do so in the future the Compulsory Class is required. Participants must wear close fitting clothing so body lines can be evaluated. All three levels of compulsories (A, B, C) will be offered as well as Short Program in this class.

Please refer to the schedule page for locations and times. Due to the nature of scheduling at public sports facilities, we are forced to relocate some classes from time to time. Please check the What's New page often to confirm the location of your class(es), or subscribe to our News Feed.

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